Counselling - Therapies and Metaphysics Courses in Romford

Come and join us here at Le Monde Nouveau, for alternative and complementary practitioner courses, metaphysical and para-psychic science courses, workshops, seminars, lectures and development circles and a lot more.

Le Monde Nouveau offers an intimate and comfortable space for those with enquiring minds and those wishing to develop their inner potential. If you would like to develop in a friendly, relaxed, supportive environment from expert consultants, lecturers, tutors and demonstrators, then Le Monde Nouveau will be perfect for you. Please call us or enquire via email .

Course Fees

All Courses and workshops require a 25% deposit if not paying in full, or not paying by monthly subscription set up automatically through Paypal. NB: Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable unless a doctor’s certificate is submitted.

There are no concealed costs. You only pay the amount stated. These fees do not apply to Overseas Students.

Alternative and Complementary Practitioner Courses

Anger/Stress Management Course - practical & theory
Colour therapy/Psychology - practical & theory
Energy Healing Basics - Intermediate - advanced - practical & theory

Meditation Teacher Course - practical & theory
Professional Hypnotherapy - practical & theory
Psychotechnics (mind Power)  - practical & theory

Psychotherapy Course - practical & theory
Therapeutic Counselling - practical & theory


Altered States of Awareness - practical & theory
Astral Projection - practical & theory
Astral Travel - practical & theory
Develop your Psychic Powers - practical & theory
Dream Analysis Course - practical & theory

Extra Sensory Perception - practical & theory
Graphology - practical & theory

Inspirational Tarot - practical & theory

Numerology - practical & theory

Palmistry  - practical & theory

Psychic counsellor - practical & theory 

Psychometry - practical & theory
Runes - practical & theory

Scrying - practical & theory

Telekinesis Course - practical & theory
Telepathy - practical & theory

Tutor Support

With all our courses you will be designated your own personal tutor who is qualified and practices within their field of expertise. Your personal tutor will ensure that you receive constructive feedback and deal with any queries you may have.
You will be provided with contact details of your personal tutor to telephone or email to discuss any course issues or any problems that you may encounter. The role of the tutor is to help you succeed with your chosen course and pass your exam with flying colors.

Assessment Method

After each of the lessons a question paper will be required to be completed and submitted to your tutor for marking. In doing so your tutor is able to monitor your progress, provide feedback and assist you throughout the duration of your course. Remember you are not alone; your Tutor is there to help you.

Workshops/Seminars (1 day)

The Seven Principles of Man
The seven laws of the Universe
The seven Masters
The Seven Dimensions
The Seven planes
The Portals of the Higher Consciousness
Deep Meditative Trance Binaural Beats & Isochronic modulation
Body Language
Mind over Matter
Psychic Skills
Shadow Work
Transforming Personality
Le Monde Nouveau Gift Vouchers available from £5 - £500

To enquire about any of our courses, please call and speak to our friendly team.