ENERGY HEALING (Circle - Course ) 2 year course Practical & Theory

This form of therapy removes the imbalances in your human energy field, chakras, and aura. It is an alternative therapy, whereas the therapist discerns and clears blocks from the aura, through a practiced focus and spiritual alignment. By removing the blocks in turn increase the energy flow, the more balanced the energy flow, the healthier one becomes. Energy blocks or imbalances can often be the cause of illness, depression, can even distort our perceptions, and dampen our feelings. By removing the blocks we are actually aiding the restoration of the natural energy flow which in turn brings feelings of peace and harmony.
Energy healing is a spiritual approach to inner harmony, clarity, and alignment. We provide this therapy in a very supportive non-adversarial and non-coercive way. There are no imposed attitudes or beliefs. We are able to sense the subtle changes that occur in the aura and chakras enabling us to be able to find the blocks and distortions. We are able to assist you to experience transformation and balance, using techniques such as releasing, re framing, healing the memories, and self-forgiveness, by balancing the aura and expanding it into wholeness, until all the blocks are cleared and the energy field becomes smooth and silky.

This then allows your aura to resume integrating your body, mind, and spirit as you regain your natural holistic health and wellness. Your aura is once again fluid, smooth, and energized. It resumes its natural function of nourishing the body and protecting the psyche.

SPIRITUAL HEALING (Circle - Course) 2 year course Practical & Theory

Spiritual healing is when energy is transmitted to the person who needs it. The treatment works on the body, mind and spirit, which are seen as one unit that must harmonize for good health. If a separate healer is involved, the healer will place their hands over the person being treated to channel the energy from the Higher Source. The spiritual healing can help mental, emotional problems and physical conditions. The Healer channels the healing energy which is then transferred to the patient through the healer's hands. The healing does not come from the healer, but through him/her the channel. The word "spiritual" refers to the divine nature of the energy, which healers agree comes from one external, invisible intelligent source.

Healers see the body mind and spirit as one interdependent unit and believe all three must work in harmony to maintain positive health. Any problem - the power of healing can help to restore the balance of the whole person. It is felt that sickness often starts in the mind, or at the deeper level of the spirit, and it is often here that healing begins.

We offer, arrange, support and advise Members and Affiliated Churches and Groups in Spiritual Healing, training, awareness and protocol.

Recent Qualified Healers from Le Monde Nouveau
Christine Holmes (Fully insured)
Sandra Chantry (Fully insured & holds current CRB)