Transformation Meditation

If you have never meditated or if you have tried and found it difficult to continue and practice, then this course is for you. It will include the theory of meditation, effective techniques and practice time. During this course you will come to understand that here are many paths and methods of self-development and consciousness expansion. Transformational meditation is a system where the individual's waking state of consciousness is transformed into a higher state of awareness. In this heightened state the mental, or thinking, state is transformed back into its originality of pure space or consciousness. During this state one is free from worries, woes, concerns, anxiety and even physical pain.
Studies of meditation have shown reduced stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure, reduced chronic pain, improved health, vitality and self esteem.

Lesson 1 - Meditation and relaxation training benefits.
Lesson 2 - How stress can affect you.
Lesson 3 -What is meditation.
Lesson 4 - Breathing techniques (Praanaayaam).
Lesson 5 - This is meditation.
Lesson 6 - How to transform tension and stress into relaxation and ease.
Lesson 7 - The De-identification process.
Lesson 8 - Yogic truth or misconception.
Lesson 9 - Various meditation techniques.
Lesson 10 Progressive deep relaxation.
Lesson 11 Four stages of Mantra meditation.
Lesson 12 Intermediate breathing techniques.
Lesson 13 The state of Yog (Union with the self).
Lesson 14 Four types of pain and suffering.
Lesson 15 The eight limbs of Yoga (Ashtang Yog).
Lesson 16 The levels of meditation (Samaadhi).
Lesson 17 The obstacles.
Lesson 18 The troubles that may arise for the practicing mind.