Counselling (Therapeutic)

Counselling can be a sounding board for you to be heard, for you to speak freely and openly, knowing you are being listened to, and to discover more about yourself in an environment where confidentiality is maintained.

Counselling can help clients to clarify their thoughts and feelings, helping the client to arrive at their own decision, even help to bring about changes in their lives. Counselling is essentially a lively, human and personal experience between two people, which in turn helps the client to have a better understanding of themselves helping to facilitate achievement of personal and professional goals. Counselling can help the client to find their own answers and to become more in charge of their lives. Often when we see something from a totally different angle it can have a remarkable affect on our lives. by Exploring the inner you it brings about an awareness and understanding of the person within. This in itself brings about a fresh insight and a new confidence thus being able to move forward, and to be able to live their own life rather than be lived by it.

Counselling may offer a different perspective, feedback or guidance, opportunities to develop a greater understanding of who you are and make sense of your life, heal what you need to heal.

We provide a confidential and safe space for you to talk about what's going on for you at the moment, any struggles or challenges, overwhelment, unresolved issues or even setbacks.